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Whether it's for a wedding, a graduation or a special occasion, Spirit Clothing's Suit Hire department truly provides the best professional experience and highest quality suits for every event. Our experienced staff will ensure that you get the perfect fit every time. For all wedding & suit hire enquiries please drop us a line using the contact form or call us on +353 43 33 48687. Click here to view our wedding & suit gallery.  

Weddings are said to be the biggest day of our life so its important to look the part. The big day is about you and your significant other and when it comes to what you wear, you really have total creative freedom but there are some things to consider when choosing your Wedding Suit.

The Time of year, Location and Colour Scheme all play a part in what makes the perfect suit and at Spirit, we have options to suit all tastes, sizes and budgets.

The most popular option for Irish Weddings is the three-piece suit adorned with flowers and neckwear that compliment the Bridal Party, you and your groomsmen should stand out from attendees but should not take away from the bride and her party.

In recent months, we’ve seen a strong return in Black Tie weddings. This is a welcomed return as the Tuxedo is classic, timeless, elegant and suits all body types, ages and always looks the part.

Renting a suit for your next wedding- We have you covered

There’s no right or wrong answer regarding what makes a good Wedding Suit but there are a few common themes that we find work best when it comes to saying “ I Do”.

As a Groom, you’re central to your Wedding Party so you should stand out somewhat from your Groomsmen but still look uniform kind of like a team. The idea is that The Grooms’s party harmonises with that of his significant others.

As a guest, it’s out of respect to your newlyweds that you present yourself looking your best on their big day.

Buying a new suit will always look sharper and more elegant than a rented suit but the availability of rental suits is becoming more common.

Often a customer will opine that they don’t have the need for a suit outside of the occasion they're invited to and this is the main reason rentals work. Not everybody has a collection of suits in their wardrobe and chances are the suit you have hanging in your wardrobe is slightly dated and probably doesn’t fit as well as it should.

Renting a suit takes away the fear of investing a huge sum of money in something that you might not wear every other week and we’re here to show you how to get the most out of Suit Rentals.

At Spirit, we cater for a lot of weddings so it’s important to us to have a variety for our customers.

The Benetti James in Grey/Navy and Blue are available in both tailored and regular fits to ensure that every body type is looked after.

These three colours are our core rental options as they lend themselves well to most colour palettes used in Weddings and suit the average customer’s complexion. These Suits can be rented as a two-piece or as a three-piece.

There is no real difference between a business suit and a wedding suit but it’s the subtle details that separate them.

For example, Pinstripe and Charcoal suits are commonly accepted as Business Attire whereas finer wools in Navy and lighter Blues/Greys work better for weddings; they’re more celebratory and less professional but still formal.

We pair our James by Benetti with contrasting Waistcoats that are available for purchase to dress up Wedding Suits and set them apart from monotone outfits. Alternatively, some prefer to buy their jackets and rent their waistcoats and pants. A good example of this is our Simon and Harold Collection which can be paired with our rental options.

James Navy Rental with Antony Waistcoat
Pictured above is our James in Navy alongside our Antony Waistcoat which offers the traditional wedding look. The James Navy is versatile and can be dressed up or down accordingly.

Similarly, the James in Petrol Blue is a versatile suit but sometimes more contemporary and easier to incorporate into Bridal Party’s Colour Schemes.

If your Wedding is this Autumn/Winter, we recommend introducing some tweed or heavy wool to tie into that theme. Our Simon collection can be paired with our rental options seamlessly and won’t break the bank.

Simon Charcoal paired with grey or black suits Autumn/Winter Weddings perfectly

Tuxedo Rental

Paul Newman wears the Classic Tuxedo in Vienna

The Tuxedo is to men what the little black dress is to a woman. We feel confident, cool and ready for whatever life throws at us.

In recent months we’ve seen a huge increase in the demand for Tuxedo/Dinner Jackets in both our Purchase and Rental departments. It has longtime been the epitome of class for men and it hasn’t really had to change since its conception. its success can be put down to its simplicity, timelessness and affordability.

The Tuxedo was the go-to garment for when we went to dinner or went out in the evenings, nowadays we might be lucky if we wear a tuxedo twice a year so chances are that you don own one or have a need for one regularly and this is why rentals and Tuxedos go hand in hand.

A Tuxedo or Dinner Jacket can be defined as a One or Two Button jacket that has Satin Lapels, is worn with matching pants and comes with a bow tie and white silk pocketsquare. It is commonplace to wear a pleated shirt instead of your regular cotton shirt and if you wear a waistcoat, it should be a low cut or double-breasted waistcoat to adhere to the overall look and as footwear, its the non-negotiable High Shine Shoe.

We offer two variations of the Tuxedo as part of our rental collection.

The classic tuxedo features a Wingtip Lapel in Satin and usually has two buttons. This style of jacket is the type of jacket we think of when we imagine James Bond or Frank Sinatra. The Wingtip Jacket is better suited to broader men or a more athletic physique and is available in a Tailored and Regular Fit.

The Shawl Lapel Tuxedo is a modern take on the classic Black-Tie with a satin lapel that continues right around a man’s neckline. These jackets are usually one-button, cut shorter and lend themselves to slimmer profiles. Similarly, we make these available in both Tailored and Regular fits.
Shawl Lapel Tuxedo
If you’re willing to purchase a more elaborate jacket, we stock a selection of Smoking Jackets in crushed velvet that can be worn with our rental tuxedo pants and waistcoats. The Simon Velvet by Marc Darcy is a tailored-fit jacket suited to our customer who wants to stand out amongst the crowd. It comes in Midnight Blue, Burgundy and Black with a jacquard patterned cloth
Simon Velvet

You don’t have to spend a fortune in order to get the perfect Black Tie outfit. You can rent it as a complete set or rent pieces and purchase others to incorporate.

Up your game by swapping your standard Satin Bow Tie for a Velvet Bow Tie or opt for a Double Breasted Waistcoat over the standard black rental waistcoat. Speak to your tailor about what look you’re trying to achieve and explain that you have a budget in mind.

The Benefits Of Renting A Suit

As discussed above, there are several benefits to renting a suit over buying it.

Save Money

Suis are a good investment but it’s easy to overspend when you take a trip to your local retailer. If you’re not prone to wearing tailored clothes then the cost of renting vs buying is a no-brainer. If it happens to be a Black Tie affair, chances are you don’t own a tuxedo and won’t use it as often as a business suit so it’s obviously more economical to rent your tuxedo instead.

Suits Delivered To You

Another perk to renting a suit is that it can usually be done in one fitting as opposed to buying a suit where it might need two or three fittings to check on alterations. If you don’t particularly enjoy shopping in-store, this can be a relief. We work with Weddings nationwide and internationally and regularly arrange a delivery service right to your door.

Dress for the occasion

Avoid buying something “Out Of Fashion” by eliminating the risk and renting a classic suit or tuxedo. This way you’ll be guaranteed to look the part whether you're getting hitched or going to a ceremony.

Our Suit & Tuxedo Rental Pricing

Below is our pricing for Suit and Tuxedo Rental 2022

Two Piece Wedding Rental €120
Three Piece Wedding Rental €140
Jacket Only €80
Trousers Only €40
Waistcoast Only €20
Two Piece Tux €120
Two Piece Kids Tux €90

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