Here’s Why This Season Is All About The Pocket Square

by Peter Dolan

Where do you sit on the Pocket Square Sliding Scale?

If you’re more “wtf is a pocket square?” than “I have them colour-coordinated alongside my smoking jackets”, then you’re going to have to brush up quick-smart my friend, as the pocket square is the trend of the season.


Waistcoat, €49.95


What is a pocket-square?!

For the absolutely uninitiated, the pocket square is a piece of fabric that sits jauntily out of your breast-pocket. For the older generation, it was something of a handkerchief-must; but today, it’s simply about style.

The beauty of the pocket square is that it shows you’ve made an effort...when really you haven’t. It’s instant Mad Men, when all you’ve done is shoved a bit of fabric in your pocket.


Suit, €249.95


A wing and a pocket-square

The pocket square is a slicker, more streamlined, more sophisticated version of the corsage and it basically jazzes up a suit.

If you’re a man of few suits – or inherently lazy – you can actually get yourself to the second day of a wedding with just a wing and a pocket square.

Go for some punchy brights or bold patterns and you distract from the fact you’re virtually wearing the same outfit.


Suit, €249.95



Bonus points if you match your pocket square to your socks – and it doesn’t even have to match perfectly, blending the same colour palette should suffice. The easiest way to look sharp AF is tonal-dressing – basically wearing different shades of the same colour.

So if you have a navy suit, crack out a bright blue pocket-square and some light blue socks – ramp it up an extra level with blue suede shoes and you’ll be the slickest guy in the crowd.


Socks, €2.95 ea


Channelling Entourage

It can be done formal-to-the-max for your tuxedo events or you can keep it totally casual; dress it down with an open shirt and a devil-may-care smile. And if you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can do a cravat AND a pocket square.

Don’t believe us? See Jeremy Piven from Entourage as a reference. The modern dandy is very much a thing and believe us; it’s here to stay.

Do we have you convinced?