Women's Dress Trends 2023

by Peter Dolan

For many, the dress is the quintessential embodiment of femininity. With time the dress has evolved and changed but is still considered the ultimate garment of womenswear.

Regardless of the occasion, weather or wage bracket, at Miss Spirit we've got you covered for whatever 2023 might throw your way. With so many types of dresses available it can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing the perfect one this year so we've put together a brief guide on what we consider the best Women's Dress Trends of 2023.

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Winter Dress Trends - Keep Warm in 2023

Warmer weather unapologetically favours dresses but we believe that when done right a dress can be "winterized" appropriately meaning you get more wear out of your favourite gowns this year.

Long Dresses:

The Maxi Dress is a Spring Summer stalwart but that doesn't mean it has to be shelved for when the evenings get darker and that bit cooler.

To get the most out of an Autumn/Winter Dress Combo, we suggest you think practically. The easiest way to get your gown winter ready is to "Layer Up" by adding cardigans, teddy fleeces and overcoats that compliment your outfit. As for footwear, Boots become your go-to as they'll look the part but also play the part by keeping you warm but looking elegant.

Cut Out Black Maxi Dress by Miss Spirit #1

Cut Out Black Maxi Dress by Miss Spirit #2

Cut Out Black Maxi Dress by Miss Spirit

Long Sleeve Dresses:

The Long Sleeve Dress is the most versatile of gowns when paired with the right partners. They feel as light as your favourite blouse while still keeping us warm and looking elegant which means we can wear them all year round.

The easiest way to make any Long Sleeve Dress " Winter-Proof" is by pairing it with some faux fur or an overcoat. Explore dresses in different fabrics and don't be afraid to experiment with different prints and accessories. We've got something for every occasion whether it's a day spent in the classroom, the boardroom or a night on the dancefloor.

Explore some of our favourites here.

Summer Dress Trends - Keep it cool!

Brighter colours, lighter fabrics and longer evenings are what spring to mind when we think of Summer. The Summer Dress is the undisputed garment for looking cool while beating the heat. The Summer dress is usually a looser cut than others and is most commonly made from lightweight materials like cotton or linen that allow us to stay cool in higher temperatures they are available in an array of prints so you can be as bold as you want or as subtle as you want; there is no right or wrong.

Mini Dresses

The  Mini Dress is any dress that has a hemline that finishes five inches above the knee. Mary Quant is credited with introducing us all to the Mini-Skirt and the Mini Dress and she said that to pull it off "it's all about balance". What she meant by this is that if you're wearing your dress with bare legs then it's best to cover your arms with a cardigan or overshirt and vice versa. Swap heels for flats to add height to your profile or some low tops for that casual look. We stock mini-dresses available in an array of prints and clothes so we guarantee we'll have something to suit everybody; florals, sequins, geometrics and more.

Mini Dress #1

Mini Dress #2

 Denim Dresses & Overalls

 Denim Dresses & Overalls

Nothing has made a comeback quite like denim and at Miss Spirit, we're all here for it. Just recently we spoke about the importance of good denim when it comes to buying the perfect jeans but what about when it comes to dresses and overalls? 

The first thing to note is that Denim is considered a casual fabric for dresses or overalls and it's probably best to avoid them if you're heading to a gala or a wedding. Denim dresses work better for days on the beach or a beer garden or maybe a garden party with friends. Denim goes well with flats and or trainers and is the perfect partner to floral prints or animal prints and your favourite sunglasses. 

Similarly, overalls look super on trend, are practical and undeniably comfortable. The go-to casual garment of 2023, try them with your favourite band t-shirt or striped Breton for that timeless riviera look.

Explore our Denim Dresses and Dungarees here.

Denim Overall Dress #2

Lace Dresses

The lace dress is to women and the suit is to men. It feels as good as it looks and when done right it's sure to turn heads no matter where you go. Traditionally Lace Dresses are worn simply with subtle accessories to not take away from the intricacies of the fabric itself so it's probably best to keep it simple with monotone accessories or other timeless accessories like pearls, heels or strap-style stilettos. Lace Dresses most commonly come in Black or Crimson reds but at Miss Spirit, we stock Lace Dresses in neutrals and pastels to ensure we've got something to suit everybody's style. The perfect dress to wear to a cocktail bar with friends or on a summer getaway with that special someone.

Shop them here.

Lace Dress

Lace Dress #2

How to pick the right dress for you!

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes so it only makes sense that there are dresses available in all shapes and sizes too! By knowing what works best for your body type, you can take a lot of the stress out of deciding what to buy next. Our selection of dresses provides something for every body shape and here's our guide on finding the most flattering fit this year.

Know your dress shape

At Miss Spirit, we know that everybody is unique and has their body shape but we've identified some of the most common body shapes among our customers and put together a list of do's and don'ts for when it comes to finding your perfect dress.

Womens Dress Shape Guide

Check them out below:

The Pear Shape:

The pear body shape is usually characterised by having larger hips and thighs and narrower shoulders so when it comes to picking a dress it's important to accentuate your curves and balance the overall look.

What To Look For In A Dress:

  • Open or V-neckline will help to elongate your overall look
  •  A two-tone dress with brighter colours or patterns on top to draw attention to your torso and balance your silhouette.
  • Add volume to your torso by wearing ruffles or puff sleeves to balance your profile
  • Flared Dresses balance the proportions between your torso and your bottom half too
What To Avoid:
  • Straight Cut Dresses can be cut too tight and throw off body proportions
  • Oversized/Shapeless dresses
  • Super Short Hemlines add width to our hip/waist area which is the opposite of what we look for when it comes to the Pear Shape of the Body

The Hourglass Shape:

An Hourglass Figure is usually characterised as a body that has bust and hip measurements that are nearly the same size. This body type is naturally symmetrical which means the top half is balanced with the bottom half.

What To Look For In A Dress:

  • Figure-hugging and form-fitted should be top considerations to flaunt your curves and accentuate your body
  • Jumpsuits and Belted Options draw attention to our waistlines and complement our bodies 
  • V-neck, sweetheart, or scoop necklines draw attention closer to our waistlines and play upon some of our best features

What To Avoid:

  • Shapeless Dresses/Oversized
  • You might have the same problems as the Pear-Shaped ladies because fabrics can hug in the wrong place, especially if you have a larger bust.

The Apple Shape

When a woman has a body shape that consists of a larger bust and fuller midsection, we refer to this as the Apple Shape. It Is naturally well-proportioned and usually slender at the hips and not as curvy throughout as the Pear or Hourglass Shape.

What To Look For In A Dress:

  • De-Emphasize your upper half with Flowy/Fuller Skirts and Dresses
  • V-necklines will also draw attention to your waist and give you an instantly flattering look without looking top-heavy.

What To Avoid:

  • Horizontal Lines
  • Form Fitting Fabrics
  • Anything with an excessive amount of fabric around your midsection risks losing your silhouette altogether

The Athletic Shape:

If you have a bust and waist for measurement that is the same throughout, this is what we refer to as the Athletic Shape or the Rectangle; while their bust and hips are roughly equal, their waist is not as well defined as those with an hourglass shape. You might not have as many curves as the previously defined body types, so you want to add dimension to your body by adding texture and pattern.

What To Look For In A Dress:

  • Round or sweetheart necklines work to give you a curvier appearance
  • Off-the-shoulder necklines are recommended as well as they make your shoulders appear wider, giving you the appearance of a smaller waist and more hourglass figure

What To Avoid:

  • Try to avoid dresses that have straight or square necklines as these necklines can work against your curves creating a boxy shape.
  • Vertical Lines add length to a silhouette but won't add the impression of a curvier body type

Know the material

Dress Material

Dresses come in a variety of materials, both natural and synthetic and each has its strengths and weaknesses. By understanding each fabric, you'll have a better idea of what will work for your body type when it comes to picking out a dress.


Lightweight, Plain Woven fabric made from silk yarn and is used in dresses, blouses and wedding attire


The Most popular material in the world used for shirts, dresses, and underwear and is praised for its comfort and versatility it is breathable meaning that it keeps us cool in warmer weather


 A Plain, twisted fabric that has a wrinkled appearance; lightweight and soft and easy to work with.


A woven cotton most commonly dyed to be an indigo-coloured fabric it is praised for its durability and texture


 A more delicate fabric constructed from looped, twisted or knitted yarn or thread. This fabric is often used to accent or embellish clothing, especially with bridal gowns and veils, though it can be found in shirts and nightgowns.


 Velvet can be made from cotton, linen, cool, silk, nylon or polyester. It is often used in blouses, shirts, coats, skirts, evening wear and outerwear.


The world's most luxurious natural fabric, silk is another soft, elegant fabric choice with a smooth touch and shimmering look. Silk is mostly used in wedding and evening gowns, shirts, suits, skirts, lingerie, ties and scarves.

Find your colour

Dress Colours

When it comes to finding what colours suit your skin tone there is no right or wrong and often it's a case of trial and error but as a rule of thumb it is said that:

"skin with cool undertones looks best with greys, browns, blues, greens and purples. Skin with warm undertones looks best with either bright or light colours. And skin with neutral undertones looks great in bold, bright colours."

Fashion Beans 2015

Looking for your next Dress?

Now that you know the in's and outs and the dos and don'ts of how to find the most flattering dress this year, why not browse our extensive selection of Mini, Maxi, Midi, Sequin and Lace dresses at Miss Spirit.

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