Need An Outfit For The Post Wedding BBQ? Here’s What You Need

by Peter Dolan

From shirts to slacks, we’ve got you sorted!

The strategy here is “less stress, more success”. We’re talking simple, straight-to-the-point, no-fuss dressing. The checklist is short and sweet:

  • Your suit
  • A t-shirt
  • A pocket square
  • Casual shoes
  • Killer shades

A BBQ, even if it is a Wedding BBQ, is always casual. Not the 'Star-Wars t-shirt and combat pants' kind of casual. But the 'tie-less, buttoned downed, chest hair on show' type casual.

It’s also a day to have a bit of relaxed fun. It’s still important to dress sharp – all the in-laws are still around. But the tie-pin, bow-tie and cravat aren’t a requirement (unless you’re a master of the modern dandy look).

If it’s warm, you want some tailored to-the-knee shorts. Perhaps chinos – relaxed, but sharp. And comfortable! Comfort is key for the day after BBQ, as a game of hangover footie, table tennis or rounders is likely to make an appearance...which we all now, when it involves in-laws, can get quite competitive.


Shorts, From €17.99

Sockless loafers and a good quality shirt with the sleeves rolled up is also a shout, and gives you an opportunity to have a bit of fun with it. Floral, bright colours, big stripes – you’re most likely gonna have the jacket off here for most of the day so let your shirt do the talking.

If you’re re-working the suit for day two and aren't into loud shirts, stick a bright-coloured pocket-square in your suit jacket and you’ll achieve a similar effect. Make sure you’re wearing a t-shirt underneath to relax out the suit.

Add fresh kicks or boat shoes to dress down the outfit and a pair of killer sunglasses - you’re good to go.


Shoes, From €49.95

For the very adventurous: white trousers in summer, camel-on-camel in winter – but steer clear of those drinking red wine.

And lastly –no matter what time you got in from the night before (if you even stopped) – slicked-back hair and a well-groomed beard are still required. It might not be the main event, but you still can’t look scruffy.