Jeans Trends for 2023 - What to wear and when

by Peter Dolan

From its humble beginnings as essential workwear to a wardrobe staple, Denim has always been the most versatile fabric on the scene and there is no greater example of this than classic Jeans.

Since their conception in the late 1800s, Jeans have gone through a lot of changes but one thing hasn't changed; they're always on trend. No other item of clothing has been so greatly embraced by people from all walks of life as the jean and author of Denim; From Cowboys to the Catwalk; Paul Trynka explains why Jeans have such a broad appeal;

" Because denim changes as it ages and it reflects the lives people live"

We agree with Paul but we understand that every customer's demands are different so we've decided to help you decipher the multiple fits/styles and cuts that are the must-haves for 2023 when it comes to women's Jeans.

Here's our quick guide to finding the perfect pair for you!

What Denim to wear in 2023

Why should you invest in quality Jeans? Well, we believe that investing in good quality clothing is an investment in yourself. Denim in particular is a good investment because:

  • Durable- Can be worn for years with no compromise on style
  • Practicality/Easy To Style- Unlimited potential outfits as denim goes with most fabrics and is available in a variety of cuts/shapes to suit most body types
  • Versatile- A quality pair of jeans can be worn all year round and that's important with a climate as changeable as ours. Irrespective of the weather outside or time of year; they're always on trend.
  • Recyclable- Most Jeans are 100% recyclable and that means less harm to our environment and more sustainable resources moving forward.

Like any garment or item of clothing when it comes to buying the perfect product it's important to consider things like Fabric Weight, Cut and Compatability. By this, we mean how heavy a material is, how it fits and how you can work it into your wardrobe.

Check out the leading trends for Women's Jeans in 2023.

Flare Jeans for Women

High Waist Brown Flare

High Waist Brown Flare

A Flare Jean is a fitted jeans that get gradually wider from the knee down. They are quite a snug fitting on the buttocks and thighs but relax as the denim drapes to the foot. Think of your flared jeans as relative to a bootcut jeans except with a bit more volume! They are normally higher-waisted jeans and the silhouette of the pants elongates a person's silhouette making us look taller than we are.

They're back with a bang and pair perfectly with heeled boots, high-tops or even a heeled shoe when paired with a blazer. Try our High Waist Blue Skinny Flare Jeans and we guarantee you'll feel just as good as you look.

High Waist Blue Skinny Flare Jeans

High Waist Blue Skinny Flare Jeans...


Mom Jeans

The "Mom" jean became fashionable ironically but has come to stay. It got its name from the jeans shown on 90's TV sitcom Moms; high waist, long seat (butt) and loose cut and most readily available in mid-wash blue. They have a relaxed silhouette and that's important because the Mom Jean is all about comfort but that’s not to say that you'll look underdressed by opting for these jeans over a pair of skinnies. When done right, Mom Jeans can become the must-have look.

Wear them running errands with a classic T-Shirt and Trainers Combo or a Cropped Knit to compliment the jean's naturally high waist or with an oversized sweater and heels.

High Waist Mom Jeans

Check out our High Waist Mom Jeans at Miss Spirit

Cargo Jean

Cargo Jeans

Cargo Jeans

Cargo Jeans

The Cargo Jean is a nice deviation from the standard jeans we see on everyday people, it's a refreshing take on an already classic item of clothing but often the Cargo Jean gets overlooked. They might come with drawstring waistbands and cuffed hems like some tracksuit bottoms or they can come as rigid denim in a range of fits but the most notable feature of these pants is their pouch pockets on the thighs and legs and come in colours that aren't normally suited to standard denim like khaki, tan, brown and camouflage.

When people mention Cargo Pants or Cargo Jeans they never mention the practicality of the extra pockets which is great when you don't want to bring a bag to lunch, a meeting or a date with friends. Their relaxed shape lends itself to most body types and they can be dressed up by pairing them with heels or they can look urban/streetwear when teamed up with graphic tees or hoodies or a leather jacket. 

High Waisted Jeans

High Waisted Jeans

The higher waist gives a streamlined silhouette and it does a good job of hiding any inconsistencies in our waistline like stubborn tummy bulges and it flatters both athletic and curvier body types and gives us a streamlined look. 

If you have a smaller waist, they gradually relax as they drape so it makes you look more balanced. Likewise, if you have more curves the waistline does a good job of making us look symmetrical while accentuating your curves. 

They are universally figure-flattering and go with just about any other item of clothing; chunky knits, crop tops, dress shirts, biker jackets, wool coats, trainers, boots- you name it! 

Check out our favourites like these High Waisted Trousers available at Miss Spirit

How to pick the right style of Jeans for you

We've already discussed some of the styles available when it comes to Women's Jeans trends for 2023 but we understand there is no " One Pair Fits All" when it comes to a customer's taste so below we have included a small guide on what we consider must know information when it comes to buying jeans.

Rise ( Waist Height):

We often hear low-rise, high-rise and mid-rise when it comes to jeans but what exactly does it mean; "the distance from the top of your waistline to the bottom of your crotch seam".

This can affect how long our top half can look compared to the bottom half as the rise placement judges where our perceived waistline will be.

For Women, it is recommended that you choose a rise that finishes just above your natural waist as this accentuates feminine curves or a high rise to achieve that already discussed streamlined look.


The fit of a jean is referring to the cut of cloth or the shape of a trouser. 

  1. Straight Leg - As the title suggests it's a classic fitting jean that stays the same width from waistband to hem.
  2. Taper- This jean gets gradually narrow from the thigh down.
  3. Flare- This is a tight-fitting jean on the top half of the legs and opens out into a wider, "flared" hem. 
  4. Relaxed/Mom- This is a very comfortable fitting jean that hasn't really got a distinguishable shape but is easily identified by their high seat and fly. 
  5. Skinny - Skinny jeans are fitted right from the start which is fashionable but not necessarily practical they suit slimmer builds/shorter builds.
  6. Slim - The Slim Fit is the nice middle-ground between skinny and tapered and can be worn formally or casually.

Colour ( Wash):

Denim material doesn't absorb dye the same way that other fabrics do and this is what gives denim its unique appearance. We refer to this as Wash. You've probably heard of stonewashed, mid-washed, acid-washed etc. and these are all variations of colours of denim. 

 As a rule of thumb, Darker Denims and Indigo Blues are considered formal and can be worn with a blazer, blouse or roll neck and Light Wash Jeans and Stonewashed jeans are considered more casual and MidWash Jeans are the go-to for smart/casual.

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