Women's Shoe Trends in 2023 - Stay Stylish

by Peter Dolan

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Christian Dior once opined “You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. Too many women think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet.” 

When it comes to buying the perfect pair of shoes, of course it can be fun but it can also be difficult to find something that meets your budget, comfort level and personal style.

It's important that you look for quality footwear that looks good but feels good.

Below, we'll talk you through different styles to meet  our needs that are available at both online and in store at Miss Spirit.

So put your best foot forward with this guide to Women's Shoe Trends 2023 by Spirit/Miss Spirit.

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Chunky White Trainers:

Chunky White Trainers

Trainers used to be strictly considered sportswear but not anymore, you can now pair them with jeans or a dress and it looks just as good and socially acceptable. Stay comfortable and stylish by opting for trainers instead of flats this spring/summer.

When it comes to styling Chunky Trainers, balance is key. They are a statement piece on their own and can be toned down by being worn with wide fit pants and oversized sweaters or hoodies and can be levelled up by wearing them with skater dresses or even shorts.

Here is our favourite pair of Chunky White Trainers at Miss Spirit

Combat Boots: 

Womens Black Boots

If you browse through any magazine, scroll through any feed or even take a walk downtown, you're guaranteed to see somebody rocking a pair of combat boots/military boots this year. 

The Boot has made a comeback in recent years and has been embraced by all kinds of fashion lovers and the success of the Combat Boot can be put down to its comfort, practicality and its timelessness.

 For example, Jeans and Combat Boots are a match made in heaven and they suit wide leg, flared, skinny and straight leg pants. They can be worn casually with a jacket and t-shirt or dressed up with an overcoat or dress.

These Barrie Boots by Rant and Rave are one of our favourites.

Navy or Boat Shoes:

Womens Navy Boat Shoes

The "Deck" shoe or "Boat" Shoe was made famous by Dubarry in the 80's when they created a shoe to be worn both on and off deck for its sailing community but the "Dubes" quickly became a fashion icon and the epitome of casual fashion and easy-living. 

The boat shoe offers comfort and versatility and can be worn almost all year round. This shoe is undeniably casual and can be worn with plain pants and blouses or with a jumper and jeans. 

They are durable and suit all types of customers whether you're looking for a preppy pair or for a simple but chic shoe that'll see you through spring, summer holidays and crisp autumns.

Check out the classic Admiral by Dubarry here.

Admiral by Dubarry

Admiral by Dubarry

Pointy Boots - Style up the office

Womens Pointy Work Boots

Elva Tan Boot by Rant and Rave at Miss Spirit

Pointed Boots are the perfect Autumn/Winter Boot for obvious reasons but we believe they can be worn all year round when styled correctly. 

The "Pointy Boot" is a more formal option and lends itself better to denims, suit pants and dresses. 

They offer a more elegant look than the standard chelsea boot or combat boot and can be bought in an array of colours and materials.

 They're perfect for wearing to the office, to dinner or to a catch-up with friends after a busy week. 

For comfort opt for traditional leathers and for something a bit more rock n roll, try suedes, metallics and prints.

Roxanne Sock Boot by Rant and Rave at Miss Spirit

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Women's Shoe Size Guides

When it comes to buying shoes we cannot emphasise enough how important it is that your new shoes fit you appropriately. 

    • Shoe sizes can vary among brands and styles, so that means that your size might change from brand to brand.
    • Focus on how  they fit rather than size.
    • Be sure to measure both of your feet.
    • We advise that you wear the type of socks that you plan on wearing with the type of shoe you’re trying on.
  • As a rule of thumb (or toe), you should have about 3/8″ to 1/2″ of room from the tip of your longest toe to the end of the shoe. 
    • Never buy uncomfortable shoes and assume they’ll break in later — shoes should feel good the moment you try them on.
    • Take the time to walk around the shop  and ask your sales assistant for any advice.

    If you're buying online, this table can come in handy when trying to determine what fit you need.

    Womens Shoe Size Chart

    Women's Footwear Trends FAQ

    Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that are customers provide us with

    What is the most popular women's shoe in Ireland?

    It's hard to pinpoint the most popular or best selling shoe with so many variations on offer but we've highlighted these three choices as the most popular and customer favourites at Miss Spirit. 

    Womens Ward Block Beige Platform Trainer

    The modern take on a cult classic - stay cool and comfy with the new Block Platform by Vans.

    Ireland Popular Shoe

    Barrie Black Boot

    All the bravado and cool of a pair of Dr Martens without the discomfort of breaking#

    them in and within budget!

    Darcy Pewter Shoe

    Timelessly elegant and comfortable and suitable for work or play!

    Darcy Pewter Shoe

    Are flat womens shoes in style?

    In short, yes they are and it's welcomed because the "flat" is a staple of womenswear and is possibly the hardest working shoe in your wardrobe. Flats are back and with good reason because they suit all heights,body shapes, denims to dresses and what they might lack in design they make up for in comfort.

    What trainers are in style for women?

    Womens Trainers Range

    This year when it comes to trainers, the motto is "The Bigger-The Better''. It's all focussed on platform trainers and high tops. Vans, Converse, Nike and even high end fashion designers like Gucci have included hi-tops or chunky trainers in this year's collection. So if you're unsure about what to buy next, keep it simple and begin with a plain white chunky trainer.

    Looking for your next pair of womens shoes?

    At Miss Spirit we're always keeping our finger on the pulse of what's trending in womenswear and as Longford's leading womenswear store it's important that we have something for every customer. You can browse our new additions and our wardrobe staples online or in store.