Ever Hear Of A Suit-Fitting Weekend? Well, It Could Be Your Key To A Second Stag Get in there!

by Peter Dolan

Get in there!

Genius eh?

If you’re all about the groomsmen looking sharp AF at the wedding and want bespoke suits for the party, then the only way to do it is in a suit fitting weekend.

Leave it in the hands of the experts, while using the time to get the band back together again for one last hoorah.

How it happens

Firstly, you get clearance from the Missus – although what’s not to love? You’re being organised, resourceful and ensuring that the wedding pictures are going to look super slick. Anyway, it’s what the bridesmaids get to do right?

What we do

Well we’d obviously recommend you come in to visit us here at Spirit clothing in Longford. We are one of the leading suit providers in the country and stock best-in-class brands like the Irish-owned Benetti and the UK’s leading suit providers Base London and Mark Darcy.

Our staff are suit experts; they know the brands inside-out, the top-selling products, and the tastes of Irish men. But most importantly - they know how to handle a suit-fitting stag party.

They’ll keep it relaxed, fun and they won’t let you leave without the job being done.

Buttoning_shirt_on_morning_of -wedding

What you do

Best to get down the night before so you can all be relaxed the day of the fittings (i.e. not arrive late). Organise a convoy for the road trip and assign roles – one to sort out the music, one to provide the snacks, one to sort the directions and one to simply provide the laughs.

Make a pitstop in a supermarket for supplies – fry-based goods, booze and maybe the toiletries you forgot to pack. Get down Friday evening and explore the local pub scene for a few scoops and a chat about the wedding plans/the latest transfer season.

Up the next morning for breakfast (we suggest nominating a cook in advance); maybe suss out a nearby walk in the area so you don’t bring the “pints ‘n fry” gut to the fitting. And a bit of fresh air to clear the heads is never a bad thing.

For the fitting

Clean jocks and socks and a positive attitude. If you have wedding shoes already or if the groomsmen are wearing their own shoes, make sure you have them with you. Give yourself 3-4 hours depending on your number of groomsmen.

The main event is The Suit. But don’t forget about the smaller details – shirts, shoes, cufflinks, waistcoats, cravats, pockets squares, ties.

Take pictures so you can show the missus for a) proof that it was a suit-fitting and not just a second stag and b) that she’s happy with the fit, the style and the colour palette.

Be mindful of a few things though:

Be clear about what you are and aren’t covering suit-wise. Are you covering the cost of buying/ renting the suit? Does that include shoes? Shirts?

Have you decided a total budget?

When will they be ready? How will you collect them? Will you need to clear space in the diary for a second fitting?

This is one project you want locked down and sorted by the time you’re making the journey home.

And BOOM – job done, it’s on to dinner, drinks and maybe a nightclub. Yes, you can congratulate yourself for a thoroughly efficient weekend.

Roadtrip? Check. Wedding Suits? Check. Banter with the lads? Check. A few scoops and a cheeky dance? Check and check!

And finally

If heading away overnight, be mindful of the fact that most of your compadres have already enjoyed a stag weekender with you. And even though you’re clearly putting on THE wedding of the year, it may not be the only wedding of the year.

So be respectful of other’s budgets and don’t go expecting a literal Stag Round 2 – it might just be a good nosh and a rake of pints with the lads. Don’t be expecting another round of go-karting. Don’t come home in a hoop.

The wedding date is getting closer and there are still things to do. Your missus will not appreciate a severely hungover head.