1 Suit, 5 Ways – Optimise Your Wears And Tears With Savvy Style Tips

by Peter Dolan

How to get bang for your buck from that tin of fruit

Many Irish guys can freak at the price of a good suit. But the reality is that a suit – on a cost-per-wear model – is literally a cash saver. One suit, five ways? No problem.

From the wedding to a work presentation to date night and the races, a suit can literally take you through any social situation.

The key here is to invest in the perfect suit for you – for your tastes, for your body type, for your budget and for your weekend activities. Once you’ve got that right, you can swop and change to instantly refresh your look.

The Suit

This tailored suit by Benneti is just the ticket for slick tailored attire and mixing and matching opportunities.

Shirt and Tie – Second-Tier-Formal-Event

So you’ve acquired the full suit – maybe a waistcoat, maybe some cuff-links – but this bad boy is strictly reserved for weddings, racing season and awards ceremonies (gotta aim high in life right?)

But fear not, you’re actually gonna whip it out sooner than you’d think. Have a big work presentation? Meeting the in-laws?

A christening? Take out those slacks and change up the shirt and tie combo. Here you can raid your wardrobe and really utilise any shirt as long as its a) in good shape and ironed and b) not a plaid shirt (see below).

The slacks are going to sharpen the look right up, so as long as you have something neat and presentable, you’re good to go for 'second-level-formality' events.

T-shirt and Slacks – Smart-Casual

A pair of slacks and the right t-shirt is a perfect casual look. Crew neck and polo t-shirts are always a winner. If you’re into fashion trends then moss green and bright orange are the key colour trends this year for Autumn/ Winter.

But if you’re not a slave to fashion, a striped tee like this one is your best friend, as it never goes out of style.

If you’ve got some 'fun' shirts, this might not be the moment to showcase them – remember, your suit trousers are very high end with a strong crease-line and expensive-looking fit. Don’t ruin the effect with a Slayer t-shirt.


Shirt and Slacks (no tie) – Dressy-Casual

This is 'Wedding-Day-2' or 'Date Night' territory. Slacks, the right shirt and tie-less keep you formal, but with a good injection of personality. If you’re feeling brave, silk shirts are where it’s at. See Jamie from Made in Chelsea or any French man in general, for inspiration.

Otherwise, a good quality, form-fitting shirt will do you. Opt for prints to keep it interesting. Light speckles if you’re not showy and big floral motifs if you are. A check/lumberjack shirt is not appropriate here – save that for skinny jeans and a biker jacket.


Slacks and Runners – Urban Cool

Are you a sneaker-freak? Here’s where you can have a lot of fun. With the right pair of trainers you can instantly be transformed into Stormzy or Zayn Malik. Keep the trainers box-fresh and latest-edition if possible. A pair of classic, canvas, one-colour Vans are always a winner.

Extra points if you have camel slacks and opt for camel Vans (head-to-toe camel is one of the biggest looks this year) – otherwise a pair of all-black runners if you want to look more urban, and a pair of white tennis shoes if you want to look a bit more slick.

Really digging the urban look? Opt for a tonal or one-colour snapback or trucker hat. Think Pharrell. Not Billabong-Surfer-Dude.


T-shirt and Waistcoat – Hipster Vibes

Now if you opted for a waistcoat (and Beckham has made it well cool again), then you can venture into hipster territory. A casual, unstructured shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a pocketsquare and the last button of the waist-coat undone and voila – you’re ready for brunch.

Stick a flat-cap on top and you can even order a chai latte without anyone casting you a second glance.

Think you have to retire the waistcoat once summer comes round? Think again my friends. Wear a short-sleeved shirt in summer and you can still rock the waist-coat. It’s surprisingly versatile and transcends seasons.

So, there you have it lads. Sure you're practically saving money by investing in a suit. It's a non-brainer.