Our Guide to Suit Rentals - Size, Fit & Costs

by Peter Dolan
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At Spirit, Our priority is that you look and feel your best in our product. It's hard to not feel great in a well-tailored suit and with over 25 years of experience in the fashion industry, we're somewhat suit specialists.
It's that time of year again when people's calendars are filling up with Wedding Invitations, Race Dates, TY Balls, GAA Awards and Communions/Confirmations so it's important you're prepared to look your sharpest this year.
There is no easier way to ensure you will look your best than a Suit.
Some customers are reluctant to commit to investing in a suit so we've put together a guide on Suit Rentals to explain the process.

Renting Vs Buying - How To Decide

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Whether you're thinking of buying or renting a suit this season there are some factors to consider when searching for a suit.
    1. Less is more when it comes to patterns, colours, and cloths.
    2. Dress for the physique you have not the physique you want
    3. If in doubt think Classic!
When it comes to renting a suit, the process will be similar if not the same as buying a suit. 
Most retailers won't stock as many rental options as they will to-buy options so most of the time the options available to you will be the classic choices: Black/Charcoal/Navy and French Blue.
If the occasion is a once-off for example maybe a black tie affair it probably makes more sense to rent the suit in question as you probably won't need a tuxedo on hand all year round.
Similarly, if you're not inclined to wear a suit to family occasions, weddings or meetings and find that this time round you have to wear a suit, then rental is the way forward. 
If on the other hand, you see yourself attending an event every month or every other month, it's probably a better investment to buy a suit and have it on hand and customised to your specification and taste.

Benefits of Renting a Suit for your next event

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A well-styled suit leaves a lasting impression on the people we meet and with our Rental options, we guarantee you'll look and feel your best.

Expensive Suits for a Low Cost

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Most retailers will have a set selection of suits available for rent but at Spirit, we ensure to include styles to suit everybody's needs.
Our Rental options include both tailored and comfort-fitting suits which suit the slimmer gentleman and the gentleman with a fuller profile.
The cost of renting a suit is considerably less than buying one. Our prices start from 70 Eur to 140 Eur depending on the occasion and whether you choose a two-piece or three-piece rental.
This means that you get the benefits of a premium suit at a fraction of the cost.
For example, Black Tie has become more popular for weddings, galas and award ceremonies and to buy a complete black-tie outfit could cost the customer 500 euros and up but we offer a rental service that starts at 120 euros.
Check them out here.

Latest Suit Trends - Look the part!

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We showcase suits that embody modernity and traditional styles. Some occasions allow for more contemporary styles vs more classic looks.

Three Piece Suits:

The main advantages of a Three Piece Suit are; they suit most formal occasions, you still look the part if you decide to ditch your suit jacket, and they tend to suit all builds and shapes.
Rental Suit #5

Two-Piece Suit:

Rental Suit #6
The Two Piece suit is the go-to for an Interview, Boardroom Meetings, Managerial Roles and more.
It looks classy and elegant but still gives the impression that you get things done.

The Broken Suit ( Spezzato):

Rental Suit #8
This is the leading trend in menswear. The idea is that you incorporate different pieces of different suits to achieve your desired look. For example below is pictured a mixture of our James Suit by Benetti worn with The Harold Jacket. This look is super trendy and allows the customer to showcase more of their personality.
Check out our Mix and Match options here.

Black Tie:

Rental Suit #8
The Tuxedo or Dinner Suit is timeless and is the epitome of cool and elegance. We've seen an increase in Black Tie weddings and for good reason; they suit all ages, shapes and budgets.

Suits for a large group - Rental is the way

If you're preparing for your wedding then it's most likely that you've spoken to your better half about the bridesmaids/groomsmen situation. We understand that Weddings are a costly affair.
 If you have a small wedding party then we encourage you to buy your suits but if you have a larger wedding party it makes more sense to splash out on your groom suit and rent the suits for your groomsmen or you can do both and buy some pieces ( Waistcoats, Jackets, Shoes) and rent other items ( Jackets, Waistcoat, Pants) based on the look youre trying to achieve.
Renting suits limits the cost spent on Groomsmen and can free up funds for other aspects of your big day.

When should you buy a suit?

We view buying a suit as an investment and as an investment in yourself at that. We would encourage a customer to buy a suit if they were starting a new job that requires them to look their best or if they are the main guest at an event e.g The Groom at a wedding/ The Host of a Dinner/ An Important Birthday.
Buying a suit is the best option if you plan on wearing it regularly or if you feel that rental options aren't quite to your taste.
There are endless options of suits to buy as opposed to rental options.

Rental Suits FAQ

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Here are some of the most popular questions our Suit Department get asked about the topic of suit rentals.

Can you get a rental suit fitted?

The answer is Yes. Most retailers/suitors will alter a suit within reason.
It is a tradition that the alterations available for a rental suit will be limited to Waist Adjustment/Hem Adjustment.
Some alterations cannot be reversed and this means that a suit cant be rented again if its uniquely fitted to your profile so if you wish to alter the suit drastically; Slimming the legs, Tapering Sleeves and Taking in Jackets; then its better to buy your suit.
If you have a desired fit in mind then just tell this to our team and we'll do our very best but in the meantime, it won't hurt to know what style of suit will suit your build.
Check the different types of suits for each body type here.

How do you measure for a tux rental?

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Most Tailors can find you a suit based on a handful of measurements. 
Usually, your fitter will measure your chest circumference, your hips, your waist and your inseam ( Inside Leg).
  • A suit jacket sleeve should begin at the top of the shoulder and this is a sign of a well-fitted jacket.
  • The top button should close with ease and not strain the lapels of the jacket.
  • Trousers should close comfortably with enough room for your thumb to fit between the waistband and your waist.
  • A suit should fit closely to the body but not be restrictive.
There is usually a difference of 6 inches between a customer's chest and waist measurements. So if you measure a 32" waist most likely you'll be a 38" chest or thereabouts.

What is the difference between a suit & a tux?

To the untrained eye, both suits and tuxedos can look the same but to anybody fashion inclined, they're two distinct individuals.
A suit can be defined as a matching suit jacket and pants that are worn with neckwear and formal shoes.
They can be made from any type of cloth and in any colour or pattern and  have as many buttons as you wish.
A "Tux" on the other hand is traditionally a One Button Jacket made from wool, mohair or velvet with a satin lapel.
They are worn with a bow tie and black patent shoes and a ribbed shirt and a white pocket square.
More recent times have seen the introduction of more elaborate colours in Tuxedos but the classics are Black, Midnight Blue, Bottle Green and Burgundy.

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