Men's Pants - Trending Styles in 2023

by Peter Dolan
Trousers are the unsung hero of the modern man's wardrobe. Often we put emphasis on the top half of our outfit, taking for granted all the hard work we put our pants through. Whether we're on the move, in the car, sitting at our desk or out about town it's important to find a pair of practical and fashionable trousers; at Spirit, we've got something for everybody.

Our Top Picks For Best pant styles

Covid saw a  huge comeback for sweatpants, joggers and athleisurewear but we've since welcomed so many more styles as we returned to normal life. Although we've embraced so many different styles since the pandemic ended, one thing we won't compromise on is comfort. Below, we'll talk you through how to find your next perfect pair of chinos, jeans, slacks, shorts or cargo's that will feel just as good as they look.

Chino Pants in 2023 - Formal & Trendy

When it comes to reliable, fashionable and practical pants immediately we think - Chino. The reason for this is that they have been tried and tested for the best part of the last century and they suit most occasions and most body types and there is an option to meet every budget.
The Tapered Chino
A well-fitting pair of chinos should sit close to your body but not feel tight. Because our thighs are bigger than our calves, a tapered set of pants should follow the shape of our legs unlike a set of wide-leg pants or skinny -ift pants. The success of the tapered chino is that they suit all builds and heights and are available in array of colours from your reliable Navy, Charcoal, Khaki and Tan to more elaborate colours for Spring/Summer. Tapered chinos pair well with Oxford Shirts and Jumpers as work attire, they work with Blazers and Jackets for more formal events or weekends away and they go great with a premium quality t-shirt or polo shirt. Check out our favourites here.
The Slim Fit Chino
The Slim Fit Chino is the selected cut for the man who wants to get things done but look good doing it and feel even better. Chino's are made from 100% cotton yarn which means that  they take their fair share of abuse but don't feel restricted. In recent years we've seen the idea of Workwear creep into our everyday fashion and none other has taken the scene by storm as much as Carhartt and in particular their Sid pants. It's premium quality cotton and attention to detail is second to none. The Slim Cut sits closer to the body compared to the tapered chino and commonly worn cuffed or turned up. They work well with button-down shirts, any style of shoe or as a casual pair of pants with some oversized sweaters or T-shirts.
We stock many styles from Jack&Jones, Enzo, Superdry, Carhartt and more.

Mens Jeans in 2023 - What to look for!

Denim is an essential part of any wardrobe and jeans in particular are one of the most important items of clothing a man should invest in. Denim is one of the most popular materials in the world to make pants from and for good reason. Quality denim will last a lifetime and will get better with age, Here's what to look out for this year when investing in the trending jeans styles of 2023.

Mens Flare Jeans - Take the plunge

Flares get a hard time sometimes and I don't know why. For years they were blacklisted and considered outdated but everything comes full circle and now we see these styles becoming more and more popular.
A Flared Jean gets wider at the bottom than a standard jean and this has its advantages, Flares suit boots  and wider footwear better and can add a balanced look to our bodies if we're top-heavy.
Flares are the perfect summer jeans for 2023, they're fun and fashionable and both of those qualities are important to us at Spirit.

Wide Fitting Jeans - Keep it loose

Our new favourite go-to for comfort is the loose -fitting jean. On days off or chill days in the garden with friends and family, they offer the same comfort as your favourite pair of joggers but with a more formal twist.
The Chris by Jack and Jones has quickly become a must-have for Spring/Summer 2023. They are the ideal item for the customer looking to step out of their comfort zone and explore some of the more modern cuts of jeans in 2023. They pair well with trainers and hoodies or graphic tees or cuban-collar shirts.
If loose-fit jeans aren't quite your thing then we recommend exploring Comfort Fit jeans that have more stretch and  are cut for the man with fuller legs or why not try some regular cut cord that has a more traditional fit but looks dressy when paired with a sports jacket or knit. We recommend Jack and Jones and Sixth Sense as your best investment this season.

Mens Shorts in 2023 - Stay Cool!

Although opportunities to wear shorter trousers or shorts are scarce in Ireland that doesn't mean we should settle for less when it comes to staying cool this Spring/Summer.

Cargo Shorts

Cargo Shorts are a relaxed fitting short that are identified by their trademark patch pockets. What was once military-wear now has its place in the everyday wardrobe. Their perfect for when you're on the move or on holidays or at a festival
as they keep you cool but have their uses as the pockets can be used to store keys, boarding passes, phones and more. The last thing you want when it gets warm out is to dragged down by bags and holdalls so cargo shorts are a no-brainer. The ultimate casual short! Our favourite is the Falcon short.

Chino Short Styles

Chino shorts are the perfect short for wearing with a longsleeve shirt and loafers or plimsolls on a  Summer's evening or on the beach with the kids paired with a crew neck and trainers. They're casual yet make us look that bit more formal than a cargo short or a jogger short making them ideal for looking grown up while making the most of the good weather.

Upcoming Styles - The Future of Men's Bottoms

We encourage customers to explore the many different styles of trousers on the market and emphasis that they'll always look good as long as they fit well. A brand that suits one customer might night suit another customer so it's important to try a few different ones. Ask our team about what they recommend or read some of our previous blogs here. We've handpicked what we believe are sure to be some of the lesser-known winners of this year's trends.
Jogger Pants - Not just for inside the house
As we mentioned above, people's attitude toward joggers and athleisurewear has changed and now they're a staple of menswear and streetwear. There are several styles of joggers available from regular fit to slim fit to loose fit so there's something for every body type. Joggers are the ideal pair of bottoms for hanging with friends, grabbing coffee or going for a walk in the park. Check them out here.

Pleated Pants

Pleated pants are the perfect pair for when you want your trousers to do the talking. Their subtly tailored design was more common in the 80s and 90s but this year they're making a comeback like never before. be one step ahead and look up some flat-fronted pants and pleated trousers to level up your wardrobe this year.

Linen pants

Linen pants are an essential garment for summer evenings, trips abroad and foreign weddings. Linen is breathable and easily tailored so this makes it a reliable fabric in the menswear world. They look elegant and tailored but feel much more like loungewear due to their lightweight and minimal tailoring. Team them up with a short sleeve shirt or an unstructured blazer and t-shirt. There's an Italian term, Sprezzatura, which means effortless elegance and that's what Linen Pants are-effortlessly elegant.

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